Algorave turns 10 🎉

Hi! Barcelona are definitively in! We’ll be doing our anual live coding festival VIU around March, so it’s perfect for us. It’s ok for me to coordinate the comunications. I’ll try to be more connected to the forum that in previous months :sweat_smile:

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The Belgian Node would love to participate as well! We would definitely be in to organize a Algorave in cooperation with the conservatoire of Antwerp, to celebrate 10 years of Algorave! As soon as we can find some more exact dates, I’ll propose this to the conservatoire, and set the date. Looking forward to this! Cheers

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Excited to see events spring up! @sophie and I claim Thurs nighttime 31st March UTC for an event in the UK. We’ll likely do something earlier in the month too.

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a humble hello from Brooklyn, to ye legendary people of text
@david_stein and i were also putting together some ideas on organizing an event here to celebrate the 10 year anniversary!

It would be super sweet to have a global celebration, and happy to coordinate with yaxu and sideb0ard and any other organizers for march :slight_smile:

we have been doing shows but would like to add more workshops and other interactive/educational events.

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Pretty sure there will be something happening in Glasgow Scotland. I’m teaching some students at the moment who would be keen to play, and there is also the matter of covid-cancelled algorave at the Scottish Submarine Centre…


The dates for VIU are March 23th to 27th, so some of these days we will be doing and algorave for sure! Maybe it could be included in the 10th anniversary celebrations.

Great, so far we (potentially) have Leipzig, San Francisco (AAA, 10th March), Netherlands, London (31st March), Sheffield, Barcelona (during VIU, sometime in 23-27th March), Glasgow, Belgium, Brooklyn…

I think we can be quite loose/open, e.g. if AAA / VIU were streaming some stuff that isn’t live coding exactly we could still link to it in the programme, making clear that these are related events with their own life!

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@sophie @yaxu I’m planning to write some documentation to cover off all the pieces as part of this “Longest Night” event, with the intent for use in events like this :slight_smile:

Between organising this event, christmas coming, and some other RL issues and events happening around that time, I’ve just about burnt myself out so while I would ordinarily like to volunteer for this sort of thing, I will need to just offer up the lessons learned I’m afraid.

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Soo… shall we do a worldwide nonstop algorave equinox stream around the 18-20th March 2022 weekend and beyond? We can have in-person events as part of it (we might do a sheffield one then) but that could be when anyone can send 20 minute streams


I would love to be a part of organising a Southern African leg of this event. We have not yet held an event like this here, as far as I know, and would be really awesome to join in from here.


That’d be ace! I guess there could be two kinds of events

  • Solstice streams over the 18-20th weekend - from individuals doing a 20 minute stream from their homes, to local events lasting a couple of hours, contributing to a ‘nonstop’ multiday stream
  • standalone local events, whether a couple of hours to a few days, probably either 100% streamed or with streamed components. These would be on other days during March rather than the solstice weekend

Does that make sense?

For Sheffield we’ll probably do something short as part of the solstice weekend, and for London I think we’ll do a longer event on the 31st.


I’m aiming at the 25th of March for the Algorave at the Conservatoire of Antwerp. Hopefully I can confirm this next week, when classes start again after the New Year break…

Nothing confirmed for NL_CL yet, but am looking to organize the event between the 24-27th.

In italy (Trento) we will organize something local in presence, details in the next days I hope

That sounds great! I’d be down organizing some small on-location thing here in Leipzig end of March, if circumstances permit. Some livecoding workshops during the day maybe and live-shows in the evening (on-site plus stream).
Things seem to relax a little, and I hope it will be possible. Fingers crossed!

Hi all,

I made a page here to start adding dates as they are confirmed:

I think with the pandemic wave there is no need to stick inside March. If you prefer to wait until later in the year we can still include that in the celebrations. I held off adding yours @Bohrbug as you said that might be the case with your event.


hi all,

Chris and I were thinking of running an online Sema algorave on Saturday, 2nd of April. Would that work?

This is to mark the complete launch of the system and there would be some artists performing with it.



Yes sure! Shall I add it to the list already?

great - yes please add it to the list

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Confirmed dates in TOPLAP Barcelona:

VIU live coding festival March 23th to 27th. There will be workshops, demos, from scratch sessions, some live performances, and we’ll be doing an Algorave on Saturday, 26th of March.

More details soon!