Live Coding Meetups

Hi all!

@Dexter, thanks for hosting the meetup yesterday in Delft. It was a good meetup with interesting presentations of current works. Sadly this was an all-male meetup, so we have to keep working on that!

For next meetup I think we have a few options:

  1. We have the meetup before/after the Eulerroom Equinox Livestream on 19 March
  2. We have a meetup on 14 March to celebrate π-day
  3. We have a meetup on a different day

The idea to have an Algorave on 13 March will not happen sadly, since eventually it turned out to be a bit short notice to organize.

Please state your preference. Mine is option 1 (and maybe 2).

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Hi people, thanks for the inspiration yesterday evening, and thanks again @eerieear for the invite! I’m going into practicing mode now for making my visals respond to audio, and maybe maybe (no promises!) doing some livecoding somewhere in the near future…

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Hey !
@ArjanBytez ! great to have you. Thanks for coming and welcome to the community. @Dexter thanks for hosting the meetup. @Timo My selection also options 1 and maybe 2. I think if we do option 1 it could be good to do it before. I would like to test NDI or other options for (if possible) seamless transitions between our sets in the stream

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Hi everyone! For me option 1!

Hey everyone,

March and this semester is pretty busy with my graduation exam. I will join you guys on April, but my March schedule is already pretty occupied :frowning:

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Okay, let’s go for option 1 then!

Next meetup will be on 19 March 19.30h during the Eulerroom Equinox Livestream. The rest of the details will be further discussed in the NL_CL Livestream thread.

@RafaeleAndrade, totally understandable that you have to work on your graduation. Best of luck!

As pointed out by @narcode during the livestream just now, we should start looking for a date for our April meetup. The location for this meetup will be the world wide web, probably using a platform like or skype. Usually we take a monday or wednesday for our meetup, but I would also be open for using a friday/saturday/sunday or actually any day of the week. Here are some suggestions:

  • 20-04 (mon)
  • 21-04 (tue)
  • 22-04 (wed)
  • 23-04 (thu)
  • 24-04 (fri)
  • 25-04 (sat)
  • 26-04 (sun)

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Hi all!

Hope you’re all doing okay!

We have a good amount of votes, so I think we should pick Friday 24th April based on the votes. (Only @eerieear didn’t vote for Friday, but I just asked him and he can make friday as well, so that’s great). I’ve updated the meetups on the site.

What platform should we use for the meetup? We can host it on Skype, but we could also host it on and have it open for others to join through a link that we then provide through a private message or something. Other suggestions are welcome. For the time I propose our usual meetup time 19h30 - 22h00, but can also be later if that is prefered.

Hi. Great this is organised. I think Jitsi will be fine, and it’s nice to just have the open link if ppl want to join.

For the day of the meetup let’s just use as the link… or something like that.

Hugs and good health everybody… Looking Forward.

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing fine. As @narcode suggested, we’ll be meeting through the link: Join whenever you’re ready, i’ll be online at around 19.30h, looking forward!

Hope it was fun! I was in a work meeting. When’s the next one?

Hi! For sure it was fun! Also nice that ppl showed and explained a bit about their studio’s or workstations :slight_smile:

Next one, according to what I wrote down, is pinned for May 27th 19:30hrs… Depending on the situation we can see if it will be online or if we can find a suitable space.


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Hi All !

Sorry to have missed this I will try to be there next time, miss you all !



yeah, sorry that I couldn’t make it after all!
I had been in online meetings all day, and still had to wrap up some work…

I’ve put the new date in my calendar.


Hi! Yes, as @narcode mentioned the next meetup is set for Wednesday, 27 May, 19h30 - 22h00. I added the date to the website as well.

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Hi everyone! Just a reminder that tomorrow will be our online livecoding meetup from 19h30 - 22h00 via this link:

For this meetup i’ve invited Anne to perform/try-out her piece on the CodeKlavier with the codeklavier-mercury extension that we have been working on for the past few months. This extension is one of the many extensions that are being developed at the moment (have a look at the github) to allow Anne to extend the codeklavier with another language to perform with. She will play somewhere after 20h30.

Looking forward seeing you tomorrow!

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Thanks for the reminder !

Hi all! Thanks for joining tonights meetup, really nice to catch up again and see some of your faces. The next meetup will be held on Wednesday 24 June from 19h30 till 22h00. Till further notice the meetup will be digital.


Hey all. Just a reminder that Hans Peter Riegel, Swiss curator who really loves the live coding community, will be coming throught the Hague on monday. I’d like to arrange to have lunch or an afternoon drink with him. Let me know if you’d like to join us. He’s eager to meet everyone in the NL_CL community. :slight_smile:

Hans will also be in Amsterdam on tuesday… I think @narcode was trying to organize a local meetup there as well?

True that. If the Amsterdam people would like to meet Hans on the 16th pm me.

Then I’ll arrange in more details what will happen.