Live Coding Meetups

Glad you’re feeling better, Timo! Wednesday 30 September at 19:30 CET online is good for me.

Glad you’re feeling better, Timo.

Wednesday 30th 19:30 would work for me.

Cool, let’s do Wednesday 19h30 - 22h00 then at

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I got stuck on last minute work things and couldn’t make it. I apologize.

@sonologico, no worries!

@RafaeleAndrade, Would you still like to host the next monthly meetup in iii, The Hague? For me 26th of October is good. 28th most likely not.

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hey guys,

Should we meet tonight at the same link at the same time (19:30)?

I think it would be nice if we can schedule a christmas/end-of-the-year live coding meetup. Probably hosting it online on jitsi is the best option for now. I would suggest the following dates:

  • Tue 22 Dec
  • Wed 23 Dec
  • Mo 28 Dec
  • Tue 29 Dec
  • Wed 30 Dec

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If anyone has ideas for topics or would like to share something please let us know! :slight_smile:

We could also collaborate on some code maybe. I actually have Mercury now working for Flok, Mercury itself does not run in the browser, but you can use the Flok to code togoether and send the code over OSC to the interpreter.

I like that Flok is “1.8% Haskell”. :slight_smile:

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a bit of difficult couple of weeks for me, but will try to join on the January one for a * new years * virtual toast!

No worries @JoChicau, hope you are doing well! A virtual toast in January is definitely something we should do as well.

hey all. for me too it’s a challenging time. I will keep an eye on the dates but I don’t know if I will be able to make it. Maybe in the New Year

Hey all! Hope you had a nice new years eve. During our meetup last Tuesday we picked a date for the next January meetup that we can use to toast to the new year. Hopefully you can all be part of it:

Monday 18 January 19h30 - 22h00 @

It is also updated on the website:

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Hey everyone! I was thinking to set a date for the March meetup. Let’s do a poll:

March Meetup
  • Mon 15-03
  • Tue 16-03
  • Wed 17-03
  • Mon 22-03
  • Tue 23-03
  • Wed 24-03
  • Mon 29-03
  • Tue 30-03
  • Wed 31-03

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Hey! It looks like the best option for the next online live coding meetup is on 30 March 19h30 - 21h00. Lets meet here:


Hey all! I’m opening a new poll for our next meetup:

NL_CL April Meetup
  • Mon 19 April
  • Tue 20 April
  • Wed 21 April
  • Thu 22 April
  • Mon 26 April
  • Tue 27 April
  • Wed 28 April
  • Thu 29 April

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