Live Coding Meetups

Hi Jonathan, we are not necessarily aiming for Amsterdam… I am away that week so I cannot book the conservatory. Since this will be a special event let’s just go for the “best” option, wherever that may be….

…JoChicau’s event at WORM on September 22nd.

 Where are the details of that event? I see a very suspicious gap in

the agenda on that day at :slight_smile:


@j.reus TodaysArt is 19-22 september, so the same weekend, not the week after.

I’ve currently been in contact with the Baltan Laboratories in Natlab Eindhoven to host the september meetup there. No confirmation yet, and I could also suggest to move it to October, or as I suggested during the previous meeting have two meetups in one month.

Hey all
Great that an event on 23rd Aug is looking likely! I’d be happy to join a more performance-oriented thing, or whatever really :slight_smile: I’ve held off booking my return trip, so let me know if/when a location becomes clear and I’ll book the rest of my travel. Ta!

Hey @Timo ~ Olivia said
she’d like to hang out in the NL for a few days. To me it makes
sense to do September’s meetup in The Hague on Sept 20 / 21 to
overlap with TodaysArt. I just sent an email over to the
TodaysArt folks to see if they’d be interested in
cross-promoting us as a satellite event. Let’s see.

    What does everyone else

think about September 20 or 21 in The Hague for a meetup?
Rafaele and I could also put a bit more effort into promoting to
the community in The Hague to get a better turn-out than last

An overlapping with Todays Art would be super nice!

Also, I hope to have the announcement for the upcoming AlgoRhythms event at Worm very soon and I will be sure to share the link the. In the meantime you can save the date * the 22nd September *

I’m also in for having the meetup during the TodaysArt. Let’s wait till the timetable is released so we can see what time would best fit.

@JoChicau, nice to hear there will be another AlgoRhythms. Are you planning on ending with a Coding Jam as well this time?

I took the day off to attend on the 23rd Aug so finally I can say see you soon @yaxu
NL_LC count me in for DH Sept 20/21.
@j.reus please let me know if I can help with something for promotion here in Den Haag any chance we locals meet at some point to share a drink and talk about this in person?
@JoChicau great to hear about AlgoRhythms, I will save all days possible that week to try to be present both at TodaysArt and AlgoRhythms.

Great thanks!
My current plans - talk on 22nd August in Utrecht, probably staying there that night, then visiting Eindhoven University of Technology during the day on 23rd, for a few hours I guess. So I am free evening of 23rd, and pretty flexible on timing… Happy to travel to Amsterdam or wherever!
I booked my train back on the 24th (via Brussels).

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Sounds great !
I will have those days off (22nd and 23rd) so I will be around.
Looking forward !
All the best !

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Hey all!

I contacted the Vondelbunker with the question if we could host the Meetup/Livecoding Session on the 23th of August. Sadly they already have something else planned for that day. So still open for suggestions! :slight_smile:

Hey Guys!

If you want I can check again here to host the next meetup (14th August) in the Hague

Hi all,

Just to be clear… are we planning to hold a meetup on the 14th and then also another event on the 23rd? It’s now a bit unclear for me.

As a side note: The Conservatory of Amsterdam is closed on the 14th (summer holidays) so we cannot use that location on that day. So in case this meetup date is still valid we need to look for a new location in Ams or indeed do it in The Hague again.

@narcode, @RafaeleAndrade I think, if we can find a venue for hosting a livecoding jamsession on the 23rd of August, we don’t need to have the meet-up on the 14th. But up till now (as I posted in my previous reply) there is no venue yet. Either way i think it is fine to host the meet-up on the 23rd nonetheless (even if we can not find a space for a livecoding “show”).

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Would love to take part in a show on 23rd Aug, but I could also do something like a quick talk about recent Tidal developments or something else. Maybe worm would be up for something?

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I also think it’s a good idea to have only the 23rd as meetup/ performance (hopefully) Do we have a venue/gathering place for the meetup in any case ? In case we end up having a meetup and we are not too many people we could maybe gather on a relatively quiet public space?
I asked Enrique Arce who is based in Utrecht for tips.

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If it was in Rotterdam at what time do you think you could make it there @yaxu ?
@JoChicau You know them better (worm) do you think it’s possible, too late for scheduling perhaps?
How about V2 ? I will try to write them today. I am asking a friend who works there sometimes. I know they are interested in creating a more opened space. This event is certainly in line with their art & technology agenda.

I’m pretty flexible with my schedule. The train system in Netherlands seems efficient so I think getting there early evening is no problem?

Looks like there is a festival taking over Rotterdam 23rd Aug though, in v2 + WORM

Yes. I just saw this. I wrote them anyway just in case but I think it’s unlikely they will have a space for that evening.