Multichannel routing to Ableton via Soundflower

That’s the better approach :wink: then the s.latency = 0 line isn’t doing anything related to superdirt and should probably be removed.


Following up on this: Does SuperDirt include a feature to mix orbits down to a smaller number of channels for hardware output?

That is: seems to assume that the only way to arrange channels is a 1:1 correspondence between all of: orbit channels, recorded channels and physical output channels.

But the desired behavior is: 1:1 orbit channels --> recorded channels, and m:n (m > n means mixing down) orbit channels --> physical outputs.

SC is of course capable of mixing down any configuration, but if SuperDirt doesn’t implement it in a Tidal-friendly way, then it will appear to be impossible to Tidal users.

If that feature doesn’t exist yet, I expect it wouldn’t be difficult.


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