NL_CL Livestream (@Eulerroom Equinox)

Hi all!

Last night we decided it would be cool to join the Eulerroom Equinox event between 19-22 March so we filled in the form. Sadly there was not much room left, so at the moment our only actual option was to reserve a slot for Friday 20 March from 11.00 till 13.00 (in the morning!). I’m not sure if anyone can join at this time, but i’ve reserved the slot for now just in case.

So i’m starting this thread to ask who would be interested to perform for the livestream (either audio/visual or maybe something else and we can film with camera the performance instead of directly livestream from computer screen?) Suggestions are welcome of course!

Also looking for a location with a (more than) decent internet connection for livestreaming. We could also look into arranging a mixer, hdmi-mixer and dedicated computer for capturing and livestreaming the entire session?

I am in for now !
Thanks @Timo !

Thank you Timo! Would be lovely to find a place where we could meet altogether. Some thoughts:

  • since it is a day time event we would need a “black box” space if we wanna do a live streaming of our projections;
  • otherwise we can all shared the same time slot / youtube URL streaming and participate remotely;

On that same day I have a meeting in Rotterdam at 14h which makes it a bit tight for me but depending which place we find I hope to make it IRL!