To hear your original sample

I posted this just would like to draw your attention. Is there anyway to import my own original audio sample or musical composition(wav format) without interfering any loop sounds? The way I did was to follow your instruction in your FQA, I put my wave file in some of your folders(I tried different folders), and always hear my own sample has been played with some of your loop sounds. In which position and which programming language I can hear exactly the same original audio file? the concept here is to hear my original musical material first, then re-compose with live coding as the next step. (Please see attached one images. For example, Ted Demo is my own musical sample). By the way, is there any shortcut to drag my audio file directly to Foxdot? Many thanks! By the way, I also noticed a few similar topics regarding the length, duration of sample. Wondering what is the fastest and efficient way to do it. Many thanks!