Anyone can help me with vim FoxDot

Hi everybody,
I hope you are good with this pandemic situation. Well, I’m new in this area of FoxDot but I learn too fast, I have my first project with processing and I want to use FoxDot by VIM. I don’t have experience with VIM and I want to learn it. How can I use FD by Vim editor? Thanks :smiley:



PD: I have OSX SO

Hi! Some amazing people in the community have developed plugins for using FoxDot with alternate editors, including Vim, which can be found here.

If you are planning on using FoxDot to send data to Processing then it might be worth checking out sending OSC messages from FoxDot too.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much for your answer :smiley: I saw that section “Alternative Editors” but I didn’t understand all :c I installed Vim and I can open it, but I don’t know how can I open FoxDot there. Do you know?

Cheers Ryan :smiley:

I haven’t used it myself but the instructions for using it with Vim are here