Archiving Live Coding

Hi all,

As I’ve been slowly editing the TOPLAP 15 performances and getting them up on the Eulerroom Youtube channel, I also started thinking about long term archiving.

My thought is to work with to get a collection created for live coding. I’d like to archive performances (both audio and video), conference proceedings (if possible with licensing), code, software, papers (again, if possible with licensing). Anything live coding related.

I’m especially interested in making sure we have a long term archive for what we’d consider “old” or “historical” live coding content.

Alternatively, we could setup our own archive (which would require a fair amount of maintenance and money), but as far as I understand it, is well funded and should be around for a long time.

If the community likes this idea, I’ll move forward with it and create an archiving category here and ask for submissions.



Hi Scott,

This is a great idea and I’m fully in support of whatever you think is the best way forward.

Another possibility is Zenodo, which is backed by CERN -

I emailed them once and they were happy to archive videos of conferences. They also archive software, with great github integration. I’m not sure if they’d be up for archiving large quantities of live coding videos, but could be worth asking.