Are visualists sweeping into algoraves and taking over?

I love this:

Discussion around live coding and algorave has always centred around music. As @sicchio gently pointed out, a lot of the more exciting stuff is happening in other areas though, new visualist environments like Hydra, languages like Orca (designed for music, but a 2d language still very much engaging with the visual domain…), weird things with 3D printers, and the still underpopulated area of live coding choreography.

I don’t want to over-analyse but nice also to see in this video how visualists can challenge the stage-audience separation that has always been challenged in the general live coding community but is very much the norm in algoraves.

Visualists are asserting themselves more, organising visual-centric events, and making guidelines available so organisers can stage visual performance better. Still in the minority, but also still in that stage where most people at a live coding meeting will be making their own tools to explore things that are really new…

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this… I guess the question is, where are livecoded visuals going, and inspired by this, how can we keep things interesting/radical/weird on the music side?


This was a really special moment. SXSW was super intense but this audience visual disruption moment was a scarce moment of release/enjoyment haha. I worked closely with Antonio organising SX and we worked hard to acknowledge and position visualists as artists within the rather music-focussed template that they use.


I like to think we may do audiovisual performances…I mean while you’re playing may be music could be the priority but if you are in a place you can’t escape from what you see and how things are set in that space. I see the Algorave as a possibility of a complete experience. May be languajes are not so divided (music/visual/code/even talking or writing) we are always trying to comunicate ourself after all.

In CliC we wrote something about Hydra, thinking around this ideas (it’s in spanish but if you srcoll above you found it in english too)


I think that certainly more and more attention is being paid to the visual setup of the Algoraves. Even simple things like having an actual screen instead of of a sheet of cloth.

For the SXSW Algorave there were also huge screens dotted around the venue. It made more interesting as all the focus wasn’t just on the stage.