Arpeggiating a TimeVar chord?

I would like to have a global chord progression:

var.chords = var( [(0,2,4),(-3,3,4)], 2)

Works very well to follow the chords with players, but can’t wrap my head around how to arpeggiate notes in a given sequence, or randomly. Neither of the following approaches seems to work:

p1 >> pluck(var.chords[P[0,1,2]], oct=5, dur=0.5)

p1 >> pluck(choose(var.chords), oct=5, dur=0.5)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Turns out I needed two TimeVars.
One for the chords, and one for the index.

var.chord = var([(0,1,2),(4,5,6)],4)

var.i = var(PRand(2),3)

p1 >> pluck(var.chord[var.i], oct=5, dur=1)