Atom connected to SuperCollider, but no sound?

I’m relatively new to Tidal Cycles and attempted installing everything on a new computer. When I load SuperCollider, I get “SuperDirt: listening to Tidal on port 57120”. On Atom everything seems to be working fine with no error messages, but when I try the command d1 $ s “bd hh bd hh” I get no sound.
I’ve followed the advice from here (Beginner Trouble Installing TidalCycles Windows 10). When I type the command d1 $ s “bd hh bd hh” on Atom and then Show Scope on SuperCollider, the scope does not move. When I play the sound that does not exist (d1 $ sound “asldfkjasdf”), I do get the following error message: “no synth or sample named ‘asldfkjasdf’ could be found. module ‘sound’: instrument not found: asldfkjasdf”

Does anyone have any ideas about how to solve this? :slight_smile:

Have you tried to make supercollider sound itself?
Try to eval in supercollider this line of code: