BIG Error In Tidal Cycles!


It has taking me 1 week so far to install Tidal Cycles. It is the most difficult thing I have ever tried on a computer. I have a MacBook Air M1 with Monterey 12.2.1

After tons of errors: Can’t locate Quarks, Haskell Ghci errors, SuperDirt error, Output errors, Multiple file errors and more now I seem to have only one error left!

Please help me with this one and would be so thankful and gonna make so good stuff in return!

Choose ghc base path
> no custom path configured
***** use ghcup default path****

Ghci command: /Users/mindator/.ghcup/bin/ghci Ghc-pkg command: /Users/mindator/.ghcup/bin/ghc-pkg

Start atom-tidalcycles plugin

Choose BootTidal.hs path
***** custom path configured****
*** load BootTidal.hs from /Users/mindator/.atom/packages/tidalcycles/lib/BootTidal.hs**



t> : error: Could not find module ‘Sound.Tidal.Context’ It is not a module in the current program, or in any known package.

I have SuperCollider Installed, Tidal Cycles Installed, Quarks installed, SuperDirt Installed, Haskell installed, Ghci installed, Output working but:

t> : error: Could not find module ‘Sound.Tidal.Context’ It is not a module in the current program, or in any known package.

Please help me with this and I would be the luckiest man in the planet!


Install everything is always a tedious step, especially for the first time!
I suggest you to repost this here Installation help - Tidal Club where more people are likely to see it and help you. Anyway, it looks like a path problem so I advise to include in the future post if you used cabal or Stack to install Tidal. What I can think of is that your tidal installation is not in .ghcup maybe? Go to your user directory and press shift+command+. to show hidden files and directories and check.
It can be tedious but is a good way to learn new things :wink:

Thanks alot but it says it can not find Sound.Tidal.Contex… Where can I find that file?

Okey but what forum is this? I thought it was about Coding music in programs and stuff. :thinking:

the forum I suggested is stricly TidalCycles related and has a specific section to discuss installation probelms. You should look for the config file which should be something like tidal-1.7.4-…
depends on your version. But from my experience it should be either in .gch or in .ghcup

When I try to install Cabal the terminal says “Couldn’t figure out LLVM Version”

Is like when one thing is not working then I need some new program to get it to work and when that is working there is some more error that I need another program for… When does it ends? :thinking:

Got Error trying to install LLVM.

Here is inside my ghcup folder:

cabal haskell-language-server-wrapper-
cabal- hp2ps
ghc hp2ps-8.10
ghc-8.10 hp2ps-8.10.7
ghc-8.10.7 hpc
ghc-pkg hpc-8.10
ghc-pkg-8.10 hpc-8.10.7
ghc-pkg-8.10.7 hsc2hs
ghci hsc2hs-8.10
ghci-8.10 hsc2hs-8.10.7
ghci-8.10.7 runghc
ghcup runghc-8.10
haddock runghc-8.10.7
haddock-8.10 runhaskell
haddock-8.10.7 runhaskell-8.10
haskell-language-server-8.10.7 runhaskell-8.10.7
haskell-language-server-8.10.7~ stack
haskell-language-server-wrapper stack-2.7.3