Call for User Study and Feedback: evomusic

Greetings live coders!

I am excited to introduce a new project in FoxDot evomusic.

evomusic is a live coding interface for Genetic Algorithms in FoxDot. The tool allows the live coder to interact with GA on the fly and control the direction of the musical evolution. Initial research of the design and development is published here. In order to study the tool, improve the design and publish it as a standard package for live coding performance, we are conducting a user study.

Although I am specifically looking for intermediate to advanced live coders who have published some music or perform frequently, beginners are welcome too. We seek to study the abilities of the system, and how humans can interact with generative algorithms in a real-time performance. As a live coding performer, this study may potentially help you explore generative algorithms in your own practice.

Will you be able to participate by using the system and answering questions about your experience?
The study will not take more than an hour and is completely remote. You will be required to download a remote collaboration software Cisco WebEx Meetings to participate. The live coding language used will be FoxDot. No other setup will be required on your part.

If you are interested, please fill out this Pre-Survey about your background, expertise, and experience. I will reach out to you shorlty after.


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