Complete music newbie - Orca + what audio source?

Hey, I recently got interested in starting with live coding as a software dev, with no musical background. Orca seems like the most fun, but I have no idea on how to get an audio-interface that doesn’t require lots of setup/work. Is there some minimal synthlike audio-interface I can use to get some basic samples/sounds? (drums etc.)

I noticed there’s pilot that can receive midi (instructions(?)). But it seems to require some learning to be able to create a drum, if even possible.

Something like Sonic-Pi’s initial samples, but from an audio interface, would be perfect.

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Happy to help you with Pilot?

;C1C... makes a good kick, but other ‘traditional’ perc sounds are a little trickier.

Otherwise if you set up a midiloop, ableton, or VCV Rack works great as a soundsources too.

For ORCA there’s actually two companion samplers:

However, I’m not sure if they’re maintained anymore.

Here’s a question in a similar vein:
I’m actually looking for a simple sampler where I can trigger samples with MIDI and play them chromatically (according to the MIDI note). Of course, Ableton, FL Studio or any DAW would be the obvious choice, where I’d just drag a sample to one track and assign a MIDI channel to this.
But I’d like a FOSS, non-DAW alternative to this. (Unfortunately, I’m not advanced enough as of yet to build such a sampler in SuperCollider or Pd.)