Configuration OBS to stream FoxDot

hi every one

I’m coming to you because I’m in a dead end with the OBS configuration to stream a live with FoxDot.
In fact I can’t configure OBS to output the SuperCollider sound. The pb does not come from Jack because I can stream Spotify with Qjack running.
I’m in ubuntu studio 18 and in the audio mixer neither SuperCollider nor FoxDot appear in the playback tab as applications, whereas if I launch Spotify or Firefox, they appear and OBS has no trouble identifying them.
So if someone has already had this configuration problem and found a solution, I’ll be happy

best !

heya, I also had some adventures recently trying
to get OBS and jack to play nicely. I’m using Linux Mint, so
your experience may vary. But I was able to get things working
by using a combination of jack and pulseaudio bridge.

    Then in OBS I added an "Audio Input Capture"

source and set the input source to “PulseAudio Jack Source”.
Then I had to make sure that the jack connections (in Qjackctl)
had connections going from SuperCollider channels 1 & 2 to
PulseAudio Jack Source.

that’s great, thank you very much,
this method was the right one, I was lost and i couldn’t see how to do it anymore and you found my solution.
Thanks to you the end of the day will be better

thanks again

You can also add jack audio as a source in OBS and then use qjackctl to connect straight from supercollider to obs.