Distributed performances because of this f***** virus

Hi gang. We’re going to have to move to streaming for upcoming performances. I’m wondering if anyone had good tips for remote mixing of audio-visual streams. I was thinking OBS but not sure how to organise mixing acts.

Also - random question but what’s this forum software called?


Hey Evan, all

    Ditto on our side. We're cancelling the public

gathering for Eulerroom and doing independent streams. We’ve
also got a live coding concert on March 28th that we need to
find an alternative solution for… we were thinking of maybe
turning it into some kind of radio show.

    I have no experience with this either, just used

OBS in the past for Eulerroom-like performances…


Hi @EvanR
I’m wondering whether jit.si would have good enough sound quality for this. It allows screensharing. Internally routing audio to the right places is always an issue though !
Using broadcast tech like obs will be tricky due to the high latency, but I know there are some options for reducing that.

Every livestreamer could start an Unlisted stream on Youtube, and in OBS import the link as a browser source. Not sure if this is the best method, but I tried it yesterday together with @KessonDalef to have a livestreamed performance together remotely (me performing audio, him performing visuals on my sound), the only reason we didn’t go forward with it was that the computer he had available and the wifi connection wasn’t good enough to have a stable stream and quality.

Not sure how this will work out with multiple streamers though.

jitsi looked promising but we’ve tried to use it with teaching and its been overwhelmed recently. Also, we installed our own server but sometimes its a bit unpredictable and we haven’t been able to figure out why. (Today I couldn’t join using Chrome after having just joined). It’s pretty promising, maybe someone can figure out what the issues are.

That’s a cool idea… or, someone just reminded me of Icecast, I might try that on a Raspberry Pi as a common hub to re-stream from instead of YouTube.

I think icecast is audio only?
Yes there are some weird browser compatibility problems with jit.si . I had a self-hosted thing but it kept crashing when people with certain browsers joined. Chrome / chromium are supposed to be fine but I’m not sure if that’s the case.

What I’m trying to do now is set up some sort of distributed mixer - thinking of having people using OBS or something else locally to connect to my icecast2 server on my Raspberry Pi on my cable internet, where I’ll use liquidsoap to mix the streams (audio and video) and transition between them and then re-broadcast to YouTube. Right now I’m stuck on getting OBS on my laptop to stream properly to icecast2 on the Pi, getting the right video codecs is a right PITA and documentation is… spotty. It seems to stream but I can’t view it because it has the wrong MIME type or something shrugs

I wrote up our experience here - hopefully useful for others

I recently did an “online festival” of several streaming performers. We built an rtmp system with nginx where we’d have people stream to our rtmp address, then retrieve the stream with vlc, and use OBS to interrupt the main stream we have constantly running on youtube (it’s an audiovisual radio channel). The biggest pita is virtual audio routing for performers 90% of the time. The server connection to us was just through OBS on their systems using “custom connection” the rtmp address, and a key we’d provide and switch throughout the festival as different people connected.

Sound check, etc, was also a bit of a pain, but it’s all workable with preparation.