Editor/visuals used in yaxu's recent performance?

I enjoyed this very much: Eulerroom Equinox 2020 - Yaxu - 19 March 2020 09:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEkqZpVysu4

it’s “from scratch live coding”, starting with an empty screen. Throughout the set, the patterns fit in the editor window, without scrolling (it’s ten lines only!). Very nice.
Is this “no prepared statements” the equivalent of “hard core straight edge” perhaps? (I actually mis-typed that as “hard code” first.)

The performance uses well-chosen extra visuals that I’ve never seen before

  • positions of currently active sub-strings are highlighted
  • volume per channel is metered (left margin)
  • amplitudes of channels shown as curves in the bottom

Alex - care to give more detail? - J.

Very interested as well!

Yes that’s feedforward, which @nilhartman links to above.

Tidal patterns now report the location of source events in the mininotation, with a bit of hackery (in Sound.Tidal.Utils.deltaMini) to find locations within a whole pattern.

Volume comes from RMS calculation done by superdirt

The thing in the bottom is a processing sketch. It doesn’t show amplitude, it just flips between up and down for every event offset.

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patterns now report the location of source events

yes I knew about the plan but that’s the first time I see this in real life. very nice!

Alex, that’s a standalone editor? Is what you were using in your workshops with children? My kid likes playing around in tidal and was wondering what version you had that was a little bit easier/more accessible.