ERROR: Class not defined.

I’m just following the tutorial below.

My environment is macOS 10.14.6, python3.6

I did

1, brew install SuperCollider 3.11.1.

2, pip install FoxDot 0.8.11

3, installed from its official page

And I activate SuperCollider and enter Quarks.install("FoxDot") then it’s installed successfully. But when I do FoxDot.start, it says there is no class defined.

ERROR: Class not defined.
  in interpreted text
  line 1 char 6:


I don’t know why this happens and it takes me hours to know what’s really happening. Any advice will be appreciated.

After the Quark installation, you have to recompile/restart the language for the classes to load.

Also, for posterity, checking here, the name of the class is FoxDot – you wrote DotFox which is indeed not defined.