Eulerroom Equinox live stream 2020

Pre-announce for “EulerRoom Equinox”!

We’ve had some lovely nonstop multi-day livestreams around this time of year (archives here:, and this time we’re looking to do it around the Equinox (when everyone gets a 12hr day) on 20th March 2020 and the surrounding days, so something like 20th-22nd March. I hope you will contribute a 30 minute stream, which could be a performance, demo or talk about something live coding or similar.

Or perhaps you’d be up for organising a whole streamed event (concert, algorave, panel session etc) as part of the equinox.
We’ll release participation forms very soon!

This will be a fully open call, no proposals rejected! (unless they break our code of conduct or something like that). Beginners + imposters are welcome!


Ok the call for streamers and events is open now:

Register now, you can change the details later.

24 hours worth of events already booked up!

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