FoxDot and p5js integration


I felt in love with foxdot, and I would appreciate recommendations to integrate foxdot and p5.js.
How would be your approach to accomplish a coding experience like this:

Thanks in advance!

Check out brython and use that as a start?

Thank you @EvanR. I will check it out.

P5.js is not exactly a requisite, but processing mode python would also be already amazing.

My good friend Bernardo Fontes recommended this material.
He explains how to integrate FoxDot, SuperCollider and Processing Mode Python.

Hi Carlos, this basic setup should get you started: :+1:

Hi Idema, thank you! That was the perfect solution.

First test here:

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I’ve published the result of one week playing with FoxDot.
I lost myself so many times in the realm of sound, what a pleasure.

This song is dedicated to my son, he will arrive in a few months.

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Hi guys,
Have you ever tried to do the oposite?
Get data from P5 to FoxDot?
I’d like to catch x,y from mouse position.