Funding for events

Hey guys!

I want to share and listen from you which program of fundings could we apply for the LiveCode-nl. I have some experience with that, so I could help a lot on this part :slight_smile:

Something that we could try:

con- for more than 3 participants, we need to have an artistic producer.
pros - we can send an application for less than 2 months, foreigners can apply

    to confirm - Could we apply without and artistic producer?
    pos - open the whole year

Does someone have some other funds in mind?

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Hey Rafaele,
The one I was thinking we should apply for is the SKIP subsidy at the Dutch Performing Arts fund.

They have two categories of application for SKIP; the first one grants a maximum of €5775 euro per year, the second grants up to €28000 but is a more critical process that can take longer.

The first one is easier to get, and the review process is faster. Both grants are intended for venues to apply for doing a series of “incidental programming” > with a minimum of 6 events. This means partnering with a venue, for example iii, and applying through that organization.

There are some other details about the grant that I would have to look deeper into … some extra allowances for ticket sales, travel costs and equipment rental depending on the size of the venue.


The Cultuurmakers is for amateur artists - not professionals… but since at NL_CL we are a mix it might work out.

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