Getting FoxDot's audioin synthdef to work

Found this SynthDef while playing around with loop. If the name suggests what it does, I’m interested to get it to work.

I believe the initial problem was deprecation of AudioIn in sclang3? I actually replaced AudioIn with the new SoundIn but still couldn’t get any audio output from the audioin player.

The code in audioin.scd:

sus = sus * blur;
freq =, 1);
freq = [freq, freq+fmod];; [0.01, (sus - 0.01), 0.01],levels: [0, 1, 1, 0],curve: 'lin'), doneAction: 0);
osc=(osc * env);
osc = Mix(osc) * 0.5;
osc =, pan);, osc)

Audioin works very well despite being deprecated, maybe try a different channel (depend of your sound card) or amplify the source or your code. a1 >> audioin(channel=2, amplify=10, dur=2) . Can you give details of your setup : os, soundcard, source (synth, mic,…), SC boot details, …