Getting started with FoxDot

I have also used some samples and some extra synthesizer
like angel

Nice stuff - thanks for sharing! I like the custom samples, keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks, I also added the angel synthesizer, which had no operative and the steps I perform are the ones I describe below.

To add synthesizers to FoxDot, follow these steps:

1 - In the python3.6 / dist-packages / FoxDot / osc / scsyndefs folder, the scd file must be added.

2 - In the python3.6 / dist-packages / FoxDot / lib / SClang folder, edit the file, adding from line 406, for example if the synthesizer we want to add is angel.scd, the following two lines:
angel = FileSynthDef (‘angel’)
angel.add ().

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We save and close and the next time we start FoxDot, the new synthesizer will be operational

You can also edit the lib/Custom/ file to run any code at start up or you can also use the --startup flag to point to a file to run any code you want if you don’t want to edit the files in the source code

We wrote a tutorial about it,

Thank you, I didn’t know, I’m going to look at it