Help proof reading thesis on Interactive 3D Printiong and livecoding

Hi everyone, especially academics,

I’m about to submit my PhD thesis, a big part of which is LivePrinter, a system for interactive 3D printing. (What is that? That’s what the thesis is about!)

I’d really appreciate it if anyone doing livecoding for awhile would take a look and give me some feedback. There’s sections about the recent history of livecoding, livecoding vs. interactive programming, developing livecoding systems, and a long bit about cognitive theory applied to interactive programming systems (how can we support intuition, improvisation, and reflection through syntax , affordances, constraints?)

If you’re a livecoding academic or developer, I probably cited or referenced you, and if not, sorry!

Ping me a message and I’ll send you a pre-print, but please be aware this is the final draft before my VIVA so not a final, approved version, but also not an early one where I’m looking for major editing advice!


I’ll give it a read if you like :slight_smile: