HLCI '20 Session 1: Instruments #1

Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces: performance & craft

Workshop session 1 of 4: Instruments


  • 2020-07-28T15:30:00Z - Coffee and intro from the chairs
  • 2020-07-28T16:00:00Z - Anne Veinberg & Felipe Ignacio Noriega
  • 2020-07-28T16:15:00Z - Magno Caliman
  • 2020-07-28T16:30:00Z - Evan Raskob
  • 2020-07-28T16:45:00Z - Ivan Abreu Ochoa
  • 2020-07-28T17:00:00Z - Rafaele Andrade
  • 2020-07-28T17:15:00Z - Break


Please feel free ask questions here (or YouTube / Twitter / hybridlive_@jarm.is) during the live stream, and to continue the discussion after the event.


Feel free to ask questions during/after presentations here!

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CodeKlavier: Re-thinking the musical instrument

Anne Veinberg & Felipe Ignacio Noriega



  • ​I wonder if they have encountered any experiences where the mental work of remembering the state of things is somehow translated to muscle/motoric memory and playing?
  • Have you thought about/tried exploring Sema for DSL creation? (http://sema.codes)
  • Do you have a different outlook on what a Piano means to you?

Mediation and “object specific” creative processes in experimental live coding

Magno Caliman



  • Has formalising your reflections on these negotiations like in this presentation, in turn changed how you negotiate?


Evan Raskob



  • I think failure is an interesting artistic outcome when 3d printers and live coding are involved! […] physical limitations have their own artistic agency which can be rewarding to interact with
  • Has this experience changed your appreciation/approach to physical form due to working algorithmically and somewhat indirectly?
  • liveprinter quickstart demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdqrpgFGCgc
  • have you experimented with feed back into the system like how plants grow from light?
  • can you comment on the timing aspect of the performance. as in you can code in a few minutes something that would take the printer several hours to print?

Helicoidal v3: Sonification based on device and live coding

Ivan Abreu


  • Could you say something about the way the sound is produced? How is the sound mediated by the physical object?
  • have you worked with “moving spaces”. something like a stage with dancers/actors? so the mapped surface changes during the performance
  • los samples que elegiste para esa presentación que vimos en el video, de qué tratan?

Hello Magno, I like your presentation. I have some questions. Assuming you are doing you research in a Music Technology Field (maybe not). What do you think about the transposition between music and computer sciences to define a computational music language? I mean, you mention the example of Schaeffer, how was aware of a relationship between acoustics and music trying to define the language of concrete music. Nowadays, I think live coding (musical) is negotiating definitions and ways of expression between music and computer science terminology, we talk about recursion, iteration pattern as a musical parameters or develop a computational object as a composition or musical piece. How do you think musical language is configured from this perspective?, Can we talk about and integrated language? or Still deal with two different fields trying to understand each other? In words of Schaeffer, in apparent relationship. Cheers, Hernani

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Designing a reprogrammable instrument

Rafaele Andrade



  • ​I really appreciate this luthier research, as well as the code research
  • could Raf talk more about the transportability of her instrument? ​or, just more generally future goals for the form and design
  • Does the instrument work acoustically too, i.e., with no power?
  • I would like to know if it is an open free instrument, I mean, is there a repo with the printing parts, the electronic components, etc?

Hi Rafaele,

Thanks for the great talk! I was wondering if your conception of reprogrammability might include you, as a performer, reprogramming the instrument during a performance? I guess I’m thinking of something along the lines of Marije Baalman’s Wezen–Gewording project, where she alternates between performing with her instrument and using live coding to modify it: https://marijebaalman.eu/projects/wezen-gewording.html