How can i play my own synth in supercollider?

From tidal cycles i want to play my own synthdefs within supercollider. Couldnt find a tutorial on this topic so im asking here.

It’s pretty simple, just evaluate your SynthDef in Supercollider with SuperDirt loaded and in Tidal Cycles, use it like a sample.
For example, if you have a SynthDef called “drummm”, you can do something like :
d1 $ s “drummm” # sustain 0.8

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Thats what i thought but it doesent seem to work.
When using my synthdef

SynthDef('tone', {
    var tone, env;
    tone = {};
    env = {, 0, 1, doneAction: 2)};,*env, 0))

i get this error

 ERROR: Message 'flop' not understood.

It seems to be an error from your synth, not Tidal Cycles :confused:

Sure but playing it in sc via Synth('tone') just works fine.
Do i have to add it to superdirt somehow?

I’m not sure why you have the function brackets for tone and env. I would just write this:

SynthDef(‘tone’, {
var tone, env;
tone =;
env =, 0, 1, doneAction: 2);,*env, 0))

Hi! a question about supercollider synths.
I took a look at the used-parameters.scd in SuperDirt’s source code, it lists the parameter names that can be used to parameterize synths.
My question is… there’s a way to define custom parameters?