How can I start the group of players?

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I know I can stop or mute the group of players. How can I trigger it to start automatically? Sometimes in my compositions they are getting too high in the window and when I stop them it is difficult to start them again at the time I want.

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If I define a group like:

bass_bar_01_g = Group(a0, e1, c1)

a command like


does not work, but would be nice to have. I also didn’t find a Start command for groups.

As a workaround I can create a group within a function and return the groupname. So I could start the group by calling the function name and still can use all group methods:

def bass_bar_01(run=1):
    a0 >> bass([_,5,_,5,5,_], dur=[rest(1),0.75,rest(0.25),0.5,0.5,1])
    e1 >> bass([_,9,_], dur=[rest(3.0),0.5,rest(0.5)])
    c1 >> bass([_,7], dur=[rest(3.5),0.5])
    bass_bar_01_g = Group(a0, e1, c1)
    if run:
        return bass_bar_01_g
        return bass_bar_01_g        

create the Group bass_group with a function call:

bass_group = bass_bar_01(1)

use group methods:



restart (recreate) the Group bass_group with a function call: