How to change a tempo


I’m trying to change the tempo with cps or setcps, but it doesn’t work. Probably, I’m missing something. Let me know about it. I want to change bpm=120 to 100, immediately.

setcps (100/60/4) :wink:

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Thank you for the reply. I tried it. It doesn’t work and showed error message below.

• Variable not in scope: setcps :: Double -> t
• Perhaps you meant ‘steps’ (imported from Sound.Tidal.Context)

Do I lost something which I should install into ATOM which is my text editor?


Make sure you have the latest tidal (cabal update; cabal install tidal from a terminal window) and the latest version of the tidalcycles atom plugin.

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Thanks! I have just tried both and it works. Awesome.

Great, it’s worth upgrading superdirt too - from supercollider run Quarks.gui , click the update button and then make sure the superdirt version called “LATEST” is installed

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Thank you so much. I will try that!