Import own function modules

I would like to import functions which are stored in separate .py files. Example:
I try to follow the turorial at

MAKING DUB WITH COMPUTERS - CHAPTER 8: PROGRAMMING THE NYABINGHI RHYTHM (?)  - Tutorials - Studio Dubroom - Promoting (Dub ) Reggae and Consciousness

In the file: the following def is stored:

def nyabinghi():
    #  low conga
    cl >> play("cc00", dur=1, sample=(0), pan=-0.5,room=0.3, verb=0.3, sus=0.5)

    #  open hi conga
    hc >> play(PEuclid2(1,8,'0','c'), dur=1, sample=(4), pan=-0.55,room=0.5, verb=0.3, sus=0.5)

    # bongo low
    bl >> play("bb00", dur=1, sample=(1), pan=-0.25,room=0.3, verb=0.2, sus=0.5)

    # bongo hi
    bh >> play("[bbb0][b000]0", dur=[1, 1, 6], sample=(0), pan=-0.3,room=0.5, verb=0.2, sus=0.5)

    # crash cymba
    cc >> play(PEuclid2(1,16,'0','C'), dur=1, sample=(0), amp=0.2, pan=0.5,room=0.0, verb=0.0, sus=0.2)

    # cowbell
    cb >> play("[T0T0][T000]0", dur=[1, 1, 6], sample=(1), amp=0.1, pan=0.3,room=0.3, verb=0.2, sus=0.5)

    # hi-mid-tom
    ht >> play("00M", dur=[2, 0.6, 1.4], sample=(4), pan=0.2, room=0.5, verb=0.5, sus=2)

    # low-mid-tom
    mt >> play("00M0", dur=[3, 5], sample=(1), pan=0.2, room=0.5, verb=0.5, sus=2)

    # open hi-hat
    oh >> play("00=", dur=[0.1, 3.9, 4], sample=(1), pan=0.45, room=0.5, verb=0.5, sus=2)

    # low tom
    lt >> play("0mm0", dur=[0.1, 3.5, 0.4, 4], sample=(0), pan=0.2, room=0.5, verb=0.5, sus=2)

    #  close hi-hat
    ch >> play("00--", dur=1, sample=(0), pan=0.45, room=0.5, verb=0.5, sus=0.5)

    #  bass drum
    bd >> play("X000", dur=1, sample=(0), pan=0.4, room=0.7, verb=0.7, sus=3)

    nyabinghi = Group(cl,hc,bl,bh,cc,cb,ht,mt,oh,lt,ch,bd)
    return nyabinghi

When I try to import the nyabinghi() function in the file which is stored in the same directory like so:
from nyabinghi import nyabinghi
I get the following error message:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘nyabinghi’

If I copy and paste the code into the file the function works as expected with:

def csr(bpm=140, scale="chromatic",root="C"):
    Clock.bpm = bpm
    Scale.default = scale
    Root.default = root

nyabinghi_group = nyabinghi()

As I modified (added some wav files to) my snd directory, the result might sound funny if you don’t adjust the samples folder, but the rhythm should be right

As my project becomes more complex I’d like to (re)use my own external modules with the import function. I am working on windows 10 with FoxDot v.0.8.12 and SC 3.11.2.
How could I Import my own function modules correctly?

I found the following solution at

How to include external Python code to use in other files? - Stack Overflow

using an absolute path for the file:

# Windows:
with open(r'E:\FoxDot\own_files\') as f: exec(

after executing the include line above, functions and constants, defined in could be called from within the FoxDot Editor window like:


The function call is executed as expected.

I tried the same with Debian OS and it works fine using an absolute path (with slash instead ob backslash) for Linux.

Although I could import external Python modules like:

from collections import deque

I was not able to import own modules with the import command (as described above). Using an absolute path didn’t work for me too. I still would appreciate a hint how the import command for own .py files works from within the FoxDot editor.

You can add your own custom code, function, variable in FoxDot\lib\Custom\
You can also import others modules in this file with from .my_dir.my_pyfile import * where my_dir is in FoxDot\lib\