In what context do you Live Code?

In what context do you live code? What is your profession? Are you a musician or programmer outside of live coding, or something else perhaps? What does that look like? Where are the intersections with your profession and Live Coding? Have you or anyone you know established a career specifically involving live coding? What does that look like if so?

I am in love with this movement/experience. It hits a very sweet spot of creativity and proclivity for me. I am getting more and more serious with it, but don’t have much of a frame of reference for the greater context. Music and coding have long been interests, but I have no formal training in either. That will not stop me :slight_smile:

Great question! I am a choreographer and I am interested in how live coding intersects with algorithmic choreography as a real-time strategy for making dances and creating movement.

I am not really a musician outside of live coding but do teach a far bit of creative coding these days in an art school context.

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