Indefinite duration


No doubt a beginner’s question, but it bothers me a lot: how can you produce an indefinite sound in FoxDot ?

This is an interesting question. I think that there are both beginner and experienced ways to go about making different types of sounds or even pseudo-random sounds.

What do you mean by “indefinite sound?” Do you mean random preset sounds, or a random timbre? Or are you talking about something more ethereal like a sound that is difficult to describe?

Depend on the synth, but with a sus > dur sometimes it works. You can also play with blur and atk (if there is an atk arg in the synthdef).

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Sorry, I’m not specific enough. I would like to know how we can manage to make sound layers with FoxDot. In supercollider the command:

{ ([200, 202], 0, 0.3)} .play;

start a sound that will only be interrupted with “ctrl.”, can we get that with FoxDot Syndefs?

You mean drones? Impossible, as far as I know. The clock will always retrigger the sound. It has been my quest until I discover livecoding… Drones are not possible in FoxDot, Tidal, Sonic-Pi…

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As suggested, it isn’t possible. There are some synths that have an “overlapping” feel that make it sound infinite, such as klank and glass, but it’s essentially single notes event with long sustains and attacks.

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Basically you are saying, correct me if I am wrong, that you can create the “feel” of a drone, but not an actual drone. Which means, it is not possible to create drones in FoxDot. By the way, I consider FoxDot to be the best live coding environment out there!!!

In essence, yes - and thank you, it means a lot :slight_smile:

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