Instability of Supercollider

I have a problem with SC that freezes or just disappears when a browser is on the road or when I change my desktop (as a reminder I’m on linux lubuntu). However, as I am a beginner with FoxDot I always need help with mouse, so it’s pretty painful.
Do you know this problem and can you point me to a solution?
I posted a message in the Supercollider thread. No answer for the moment.

Thank you in advance and congratulations for your responsiveness.


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I think the best advice you will get will be from the SuperCollider community, especially when it comes to running it on Linux. I can’t offer any suggestions I’m afraid but hopefully someone in the community will be able to help.

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I loosely bypassed the problem using emacs to launch supercollider. My problem is solved.

You can avoid the Supercollider gui by launching sclang from the terminal. Then you can type FoxDot.start as usual.

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