Is live coding platform is possible using Python?

Hi this is Palak Sharma
I am an Engineering Student and doing my engineering from Computer Science & Engineering branch. Various programming languages I am learning here. Now a days we are implementing a project where we have to develop a platform where anyone can write Python code and execute on same platform. Means he can able to see result at the same time while coding.
Is it possible if yes than please suggest some way to do this.
Waiting for some positive responses.

Hi @palak231 hope you are well, Python is one of the popular programming languages nowadays, python is also help in Machine Learning and in the AI as well. and if you want to become a data scientist or you may currently be one and want to increase the number of tools you have available to you. This route offers a thorough breakdown of the procedures you must learn to use Python for data science.

There are many Projects are available on the Internet some of them are:
1: Build a Scientific Calculator
2: Guess the Number
3: Dynamic Multi-user Micro Blog Website
4: Content Aggregator Web Applications
5: GUI Game

and many more Python Projects are available on the Internet, I Visit this post on the Internet, and i found here a list of Projects this will help you in your projects.

there are many Python IDEs are available on the Internet where you can compile your code, some of them are:

1: PyCharm
2: Thonny
4: PyDev
5: Visual Code Studio

and many more Python IDEs are available on the internet, hope this will help you

Hi @lokeshjoshi thanks a lot for amazing information, I have seen this post well it can be really helpful for me.
Thanks a lot.

also, have a look at for coding Python on the web, there are also projects and demos you can use to make an interactive website using Python.

Your requirement to see the results while you are coding describes what is known as a REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop). You can read more about it here: *REPL Wikipedia

Most live-coding systems rely on REPL so that users can make changes to the sound while the sound/music is playing. Live coders often use different code / text editors that support a REPL - like vim & emacs or more GUI oriented software like VS Code.

There is a new live-coding environment specifically for python – Sardine.