Issue with pan and long samples

Hi all.

In looking for a solution to preloading samples due to playback being delayed, i ran across this thread


which had an “update superdirt” partial solution to the problem (hey, asap works). figuring that maybe I needed to update tidal, I updated to 1.4.9 (I don’t remember what from) and ran into something curious. I have a rather long sample I have hard panned to the left

d1 $ sound “my_long_sample” # pan 0

before it worked fine, after the update, it cuts out after about 8 seconds. It happens on hard pans to the left or the right.

d1 $ sound “my_long_sample” # pan 0.01

is kind of a workaround, but I can imagine issues with (cI 0 “foo”) and the like. Has anyone else run into this?