Keyboards for live coding

OK what is your favourite keyboard for performing with? Used to live an old Microsoft arc until I lost the wireless dongle… And my old thinkpad keyboards so much nicer than current lenovo… So in the market for a nice but affordable wireless keyboard!

I use the keyboard integrated in my Lenovo, it feels somehow good but I want to switch to a mechanical keyboard.

One of my lifelong ongoing projects is to reduce the schlepping as much as possible … thus, I use whatever keyboard my current laptop has. I’ve been happy with the one in my T440s for a while now, with a couple of keys only held in by sticky tape.

Still I must admit that the old-style Thinkpad keyboard was nicer.

I tried ergonomic keyboards for working to reduce wrist problems, but in the end I found that improving my hand position is more efficient.

Yes the t440s keyboard is pretty nice. The microsoft arc is really portable, just so easy to lose the dongle. Wireless keyboards are also really handy for soundcheck.

I really like this thing. It has excellent travel and feel, folds, has Bluetooth, can connect via USB, and has backlit keys (in three colors, no less).

I’ve used an Atreus for about 5 years now - I really like it. A good balance between ergonomics and schleppability.

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Personally I just can’t deal with the tiny MacBook Pro keys. The adrenaline rush of playing live combined with needing to be quick causes my hands to slide all over the place with many misfired keypresses. Not to mention the track pad chiming in with random bumps from my palms.

I prefer to ground my fingers into a more substantial mechanical keyboard. Also prefer to use a separate mouse (although it is not used that often during my performances)

One day I am going to get a USB converter for my old IBM PC keyboard, but until then I have been using a RedDragon keyboard which is reasonably cheap and very comfortable: