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One thread I absolutely love I keep an eye on on the monome forums is this one, a place for people to share their latest works. I would like to see such a thread here, to see what you are all working on at the moment :slight_smile:

Not quite sure if Announcements is the right place for this thread?


I’ll start :slight_smile:

Rehearsal session for Algomech.


I recently put together a Tidal experiment where I wanted to use the stutWith function in substitution of the normal delay. I wanted specific control over the high pass filter degradation on each delayed sound. Rian Treanor ended up throwing this into his latest XLR8R mix :open_mouth:

Oh, this track also features a thing I explored with a repeated/ratcheted snare where each note has a higher pitch.


In the latest algorave in La Plata, with c0d3 p03try we wrote a cumbia with tidal code:

cumbia starts at ~12:00


Here’s a video I made:

After some thought I think this topic is in the right category as it is ‘news about live coding’, but we need a better name for the category than “Announcements” - maybe just “live coding news”?

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I got around to putting a compilation of my latest tracks on Bandcamp, you can find it at
It includes 3 individual pieces of music and a recording from the very first live set I did, which contains some versions of the other tracks as well as otherwise unpublished material.

I ran across your YouTube channel accidentally the other day, and I am really enjoying all your music.
Do you have any plans to do a more formal release of any of your music?

I have a bit of music here.

But I think the music is more interesting live with the visuals.


Hi I’ll join in here - I’m John and enjoy playing with FoxDot after learning about it at a python conference. Here’s a short sample

An improvisation I did with xi, a DSL written in ruby.

It can talk with superdirt for using the set of samples and FXs, or directly to SuperCollider

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Evan Hartzell on Instagram: "#orcλ ardour linux ojack/hydra"

fifteen second “video” as track
orcλ ardour linux ojack/hydra
sometimes it’s an epic fifteen seconds
and then when it loops,
it’s something different

k-blamo at Uncoded Hack Night
Sura Korean BBQ
Long Beach Calif.
livecoding with
orca ardour linux
vocals with frekvens

It’s a WIP. Poorly filmed I’ll add, even though the audio is straight out of the mixbus.

TidalCycles x Live10.1 x Bazille x Hive2 x Razor. 100% RT synthesis, not a single sample nor preset used.

Hope you’ll like what you hear !

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‘Into the hubs’ a livecoding perfomance recorded and streamed in our new mozilla.hubs.

you can even watch it directly in the hubs :

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I finally made time today to talk through some of the basic features of my DSL. More to cover but this gets you started with some basic beats.


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As a little side-project to alv I built a tiny structural editor with a hardware interface.
Its mostly a throwaway project, but I will keep using it as a testbed for editor integrations that will end up becoming available as extensions for i.e. Atom down the line :slight_smile:

Here is a little demo + jam with the editor, alv and pilot:

There is a description of the editor implementation and features here:

Second chucklib-livecode demo/tutorial: Generators.


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