Live Code Summer School 30 Aug - 1 Sep 2019

A thread to converse around the Live Code Summer School, including teaming up on travel + accommodation. To start it off here’s an infoburst:

Full info + registration:


If you’re travelling long distance, please consider avoiding flights to keep our environmental impact down. Here’s some suggested routes:

  • From London - The train is direct and takes two hours. You can often find cheap train tickets on (around £15 each way if you’re lucky). Getting cheap train tickets (megabus or otherwise) is a case of getting them not too soon and not too late… The sweet spot seems to be around 6 weeks in advance for normal train tickets (e.g. via LNER) and about four weeks on
  • Via Netherlands or nearby - The overnight ferry from Rotterdam to Hull, and train from there. This can be a fun option, and is quite cheap if you don’t mind sharing a berth.
  • Via Paris / Brussels or elsewhere in Europe - The eurostar is pretty cheap when booked in advance. The website is good for booking the whole trip. But see above for the London <> Sheffield part

(If you’re in North America, check out the Live Code Intensive taking place in Hamilton, Canada 10-14 June.)


There’s various hostels, an “easy hotel”, various budget hotels, airbnbs and so on via the usual websites. It seems the earlier you book, the cheaper it is. Link up with people to share accommodation with below… Or if you’re local with a spare couch feel free to share!

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Hiya, not sure if this thread is active, but… does anyone have further info on accom for an American gal? Summer school is a side quest on my way to meet up with friends at Outlook Fest, so I’m on a rather tight budget. Anyone willing to put me up for a few days? Or know details on v affordable accom? Thanks in advance! ^-^

Hi Nekokichi - I’m teaching on the TidalCycles part of the summer school and you’d be welcome to stay in my spare room for a few nights :slight_smile: Fair warning I have a cat and two house rabbits in case you have any phobias or allergies!

Hello everyone,

Does someone is up to share an Airbnb?

Hey! I would be up to sharing the Airbnb :).