Live Coding Event October 12th 2019 @zaal100, Amsterdam

Hi all,

Made this topic to try to keep this as an independent thread so the events don’t get mixed up.

I would like to know who is interested in performing at zaal100 in Amsterdam for this event ? Once there are some replies here we can start giving form to the line up and also the type of event. Right now is open so it can be experimental, or ambient, or geeky, or algoravey, or a mix of many… depends on who want’s to perform.

More details will follow soon…


I am of course totally in for performing at zaal100!

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perfect you are in! 30 min? and will you do sound and visuals alone? What kind of performance are you thinking of? Techno - Algorave ?

Yeah 30 minutes is fine, but can also be 45 or less depending on how many performers there are! Probably electronic techno/dub/rave -ish. But will probably also work on some new material the coming month. Someone else can always livecode visuals during my performance, no problem, but as you know I have my own visuals as well, but can turn those off.


Another update: We are allowed to sell tickets and we can keep that profit. Ticket prize is still for us to decide but can be max €10. So all performers will get their share! :fire::money_mouth_face:


I would love to play! Happy to do a set of any length. For visuals, I usually prefer someone else to do them live so we can riff off each other. My style is usually dancey pop mashups, with some hardcore mixed in. I don’t think you were at the Doka algorave Felipe(?) so here’s a little video to give you an idea of what I normally do.

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I’d like to perform… ambient audio (can mix with someone else’s audio) and/or visuals (flying through a VR landscape with Hydra projections in it). Looking forward to it!

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Hi @jokroese and @Craig. You are both in the list then! Nice!

Hey guys if there is still space for someone doing visuals, count me in!

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Of course there is! You are in.

There is still more space in the line up. Can anyone invite female performers sound and/or visuals ? Would like to balance this up.

We can also discuss this event more in detail on the meetup of September 18th.


Hey guys,

I’m up for 18th and 12th of October! :slight_smile:

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perfect you are in! I think the lineup is starting to round off. I will post more updates here soon. can anyone help in designing some e-flyer or poster to promote the event?