Live coding in the media

I thought I’d start a thread collecting live coding-related features in the media, here’s a start:

Generazione Algorave: il rave che nasce dagli algoritmi
Ilenia Di Mauro, 16 Aprile 2019


This is a beautiful news!

French article:

Aux « algoraves », on danse sur une musique codée en direct

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Article on India’s first algorave.

Algoraver starter pack

Getting Granular with Computer Musician happy123: A beneath-the-hood look at Shanghai label play rec’s latest release of inscrutable code composition by Taiwanese artist happy123


Resident Advisor

“A collaboration between Heavy Lifting and the now-defunct Blood Sport, Heavy Bleeding’s posthumous debut is both deeply familiar and extraordinarily alien…”

Review from The Quietus

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Ohhh, thank you guys :space_invader:

Requires a subscription to read, but thought I would post this for anyone who has access.

Electronic dance music and ‘algorave’ — how live coding got cool.

There’s a pdf on the chat

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From IEEE Spectrum

How to Program Electronic Music That Plays as You Code It

From DJ Mag.
Premiere : Renick Bell “See Your Own Error and Learn”