Live coding in the media

I thought I’d start a thread collecting live coding-related features in the media, here’s a start:

Generazione Algorave: il rave che nasce dagli algoritmi
Ilenia Di Mauro, 16 Aprile 2019


This is a beautiful news!

French article:

Aux « algoraves », on danse sur une musique codée en direct

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Article on India’s first algorave.

Algoraver starter pack

Getting Granular with Computer Musician happy123: A beneath-the-hood look at Shanghai label play rec’s latest release of inscrutable code composition by Taiwanese artist happy123


Resident Advisor

“A collaboration between Heavy Lifting and the now-defunct Blood Sport, Heavy Bleeding’s posthumous debut is both deeply familiar and extraordinarily alien…”

Review from The Quietus

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Ohhh, thank you guys :space_invader:

Requires a subscription to read, but thought I would post this for anyone who has access.

Electronic dance music and ‘algorave’ — how live coding got cool.

There’s a pdf on the chat

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From IEEE Spectrum

How to Program Electronic Music That Plays as You Code It

From DJ Mag.
Premiere : Renick Bell “See Your Own Error and Learn”

From the New York Times

That Music You’re Dancing To? It’s Code

"The Electronic Bridges event series, organized by Pera Museum in cooperation with music collective ÆVOM, continues with the speech of Selçuk Artut and Alp Tuğan from RAW, who performs audiovisual performances, titled “Live Coding as a Form of Expression.”

Pera’s Electronic Bridges focuses on live coding in music this month

Hi all!
Article in Polish pop/tech-culture magazine:
Programming music