Live Coding Meetups NL_CL

The next meetup is

8th of April 2019
Time: 19:30 - 22:00
Location: to be confirmed
Does anyone want to host it outside of Amsterdam?, if we have no hosts we fallback to the default location in the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Hope to see you there!


Hi all,

The exact location will be room 636!

The first 30min I will give an introduction to live coding music, especially for our new members or beginners. Of course everyone is welcome.

Definitely a good idea to download Supercollider is you want to follow the intro:

I also know some of us are playing at Joana’s Worm event end of the month (Thanks Joana for organising such awesome events!) so if you want to take the time to present us your setup and receive feedback this is also a good place to do it.

Looking forward and tot later!

Hey! Great idea to do a small 30 minute introduction in livecoding with SC. See you all tonight!

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Hi Jonathan,

It works…

Works great!

Cheers, Timo

Hi all!

Let’s start posting here more frequently so this thread is up-to-date with the mailinglist (and can eventually take over).

Next meetup will be held on:

Wednesday 3 July, 19.30 - 22.00
Location: to be announced

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Hi All!

@j.reus, thanks for posting that screenshot, will definitely be helpful for others.

I agree with Felipe on the fact that we should keep trying to meet in different places (we are Netherlands Coding Live after all, not Amsterdam or The Hague Coding Live exclusively, haha). I also think this can lower the barrier for people who might be interested in joining a meetup for the first time, but would not travel for it (sidenote: I’ve also been into contact with people from Eindhoven, Baltan Laboratories, who might be interested in hosting a meetup/livecoding-event in the future as well!). It is however good to know if we are welcome to host more meet-ups in the future, so it would be relative easier to change meetup locations. Of course there might come a time where we would host multiple meetups in different cities per month if the group gets larger and scattered across the Netherlands.

If you have any cool ideas for the contents of the meet-up, Rafaele, feel free to make any suggestions (also applies to everyone else in the community of course!). I think the first 30-45 minutes for introduction to various livecoding environments/topics is a great way to start the meetup and interesting for newcomers. And as @narcode mentioned: We keep struggling with the gender-balance at the meetups.

Quoting Rafaele from the mailinglist:

I talked with the head of the department this week, he is very interested to help us to have a place to meet.

On the next meeting, 3th July , it is possible to meet at the conservatory on the Hague at the Vareze zaal from 18:30 . It is possible to reserve from 18:30 to 22h. I was required to send an official email just confirming our interest to have regular meetings there. But I actually don’t know for sure if you intend to have a official spot or you just prefer to be often in all the main cities of the Netherlands. Does someone could tell me about it?

What is going to be theme for the next meeting? And by the way, does someone is going to the Sheffield’s summer camp in August?

Quoting @narcode from the mailinglist:

Great that the next meetup can be hosted by you, also Jonathan offered the iii space!

As far as I can see it, we try to meet in different places so to compensate for the fact that not everyone lives in the same city. The moving meetup makes it easier for people near the location to attend and not have to travel all the time a longer distance.

Another advantage of having a moving meetup is that the energy gets refreshed in every new location, and the organisation toll is also shared and not falling upon one person only.

Having said this, if the community is growing it isn’t a crazy idea if you want to start regular meetups in The Hague, independent from the ones happening in Amsterdam. If the future means more meetup beacons per location, it would be great if we still have special meetups were we all come together :slight_smile:

About the theme, it is really open. If you will be hosting the meetup you can also decide for yourself how you would like to structure it. We have had meetups were we don’t plan at all, and others were we exchange ideas and wishes on a shared cloud notepad. However, for the last meetups we have seen an increase in new faces, and many times it is a first encounter with live coding, so we have tried to reserve the first 30min to introductory sessions about a specific subject. All this trying to bridge the beginners with the more experienced attendees.

If there is a visiting live coding artists in the country we then try to invite them to talk about their work. The same if community members had just presented something or want to present something.

Another thing we have been struggling with lately is the gender equality between the attendees. We strive for all genders to be represented equally in the meetups, trying to avoid a male dominated community.

Take into account that there are other community members in Den Haag that you could contact to structure a meetup and confirm a location. Jonathan Reus and Bjarni Gunnarsson, from the top of my head.

Hi everyone!

First of all thanks again Rafaele for hosting this meetup at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. It was nice to be there and definitely a great place to host the meetup in the future as well.

The next meetup will be held on:

Wednesday 14 August 2019, 19.30 - 22.00
Location T.B.A.

As always, suggestions for a location are more then welcome. Also if you have anything you would like to show during the meetup in a short presentation, feel free to suggest that as well.

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Hey all, as a reminder, some useful links for the NLCL community can now be found here:

Please feel free to add more links to the list.

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And a most recent dump of the notes in our etherpad here:

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Hi all,

As some of you might have already seen @yaxu will be in The Netherlands on August 22-23.

Would it be an idea to change the meetup of August for the 23rd instead of the 14th? That way we could maybe join forces with CCUtrecht and make a joint meetup or even a more performative oriented meetup.

I will not be in the country on that week but according to the agendas last time most of you will and @j.reus will already be back (true or false?)

So is this an idea? Let me hear what you guys think… :speaking_head:

I do not mind changing the date. But I am definitely also in the mood for more performing and less talking. So if we can find a small venue where we can perform on the 23th, that would be great.

Hey @narcode, I’m
totally up for changing the date to coincide with @yaxu
visiting. I would also be happy to help facilitate if I can…
although it sounds like you’re aiming for an Amsterdam meeting
which I wouldn’t be very helpful in. There’s a chance I’ll be
doing a sound art summer camp in Mainz that week anyway.

I won’t be able to make it either of these dates.
For a venue in Amsterdam, you could try the Vondelbunker ( They are open for free culture events and experimental stuff.

@j.reus There might also be an option to host the meetup in Utrecht together with Creative Coding Utrecht. @nescivi Thanks for the tip, Vondelbunker seems like a great option to host a livecoding performance/meetup in the future as well.

Hey everyone!

Unfortunately I was out the past two months, finally back in track!

I will be able to join in August at least (and help organize) and would be totally up for a performative one! Also, the 23rd would work way better for me!

I have just read some dates, I will check them as well.


Hey ya’ll. I’ve been in contact with Olivia Jack about joining one of our meetups while she’s in town for @JoChicau’s event at WORM on September 22nd.

She’s very happy to join us and talk about her work. :slight_smile:

So what about organizing the September meetup in Rotterdam on the same day (during the early afternoon before Olivia does her setup & has dinner)? Or we could organize the meetup elsewhere the day before or after. That following week is TodaysArt in The Hague, so there might be people around from out of town… I remember running into Shelly Knotts at TodaysArt back in the day.