Live Coding Series @iii, The Hague in 2020

Now that plans are becoming more concrete, I’m moving discussions about the iii concert/workshop program next year to another thread.

Dear all, so just to reiterate. We have two dates for spring concerts at iii.
iii proposes March 28th, 2020 and May 23, 2020 …but as Timo pointed out, May 23 overlaps with Intergalactic FM’s festival in Den Haag… I’ve asked if there is another date that would work for iii. The third concert and workshop would happen in the fall if all goes well. :slight_smile:

@narcode would you be up for being the curator for the March 28 concert?

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Will there be a way to apply as a visualist?

Hi @j.reus! Yes I can confirm now that I am up for being the curator for the March 28th concert! sweet

@narcode awesome! :smiley:
@codenobi of course in theory visualists, musicians, dancers, slam poets… are all welcome, but in the end it’s up to the curator of each event to put together something of a theme for the evening. :slight_smile:

@JoChicau any chance you would be up for curating the event in May? Between you, @narcode and @Timo I think we would have a nice balance of instrumental music, performance art and algorave in the curatorial lineup!

One more announcement: iii has offered May 16 instead of the May 23 date, to avoid overlaps with Intergalactic FM fest

Great! Don’t want to miss any ‘calls for work’ deadlines.

Sorry for my late reply! Been a busy week. @j.reus, Yes i’m still up for curating the Algorave in the fall 2020.

May 16th won’t work for me. I’ve been asked to curate an Algorave in my hometown for that day as part of a bigger festival organized that weekend. No further steps were taken yet, but I do keep the day reserved (and hopefully as soon as they give me more information a few of you can perform that day as well!).

But the event could also be held without me i’m sure! So maybe you should just go with it.

Just in case it didn’t go through from the other thread: yes I can curate the 1st concert - march 28th! :slight_smile:

oh its so hard to follow up on so many threads! — Yes — in for the one in May!

Hey all, I just sent in the application for the FPK funding tonight… our three concerts are, together with a number of other series, part of iii’s 2020 programming. Assuming we get a positive response from the funds. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

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