LiveCoding 101 2-day online workshop NOV 21-22 & ALGORAVE!

Hi all, this weekend there will be a fully online workshop on livecoding in Mercury and Hydra, as well as collaboration and livestreaming tools! Then Sunday we’ll have an Algorave livestream where workshop participants will also have a slot! :slight_smile:

The price of the workshop is extremely affordable and helps support the economy of artists we try to support!


An introduction to live coding real-time music and visuals for absolute beginners. No knowledge of programming required, only a desire to express yourself creatively!

WHEN: 21 – 22 NOVEMBER 2020
WHERE: online
TICKETS: €5-10 sliding scale tickets HERE

During this 2-day workshop you will receive a crash-course into the exciting world of live coding – programming languages that allow you to create expressive algorithmic music and visuals live and in the moment. You’ll learn to create electronic music and mesmerizing visuals, as well as different ways to collaborate with others and to share your work. Topping off the workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to perform and improvise with code live as part of a livestream concert on Eulerroom.

The workshop will be led by Saskia Freeke and Timo Hoogland, and focus on two popular live coding languages: Mercury (for music) and Hydra (for live visuals). The workshop is structured as a sequence of hour-long mini-workshops focusing on specific aspects of music, visuals and collaborative tools. The focus of the first day will be to get you to a point where you are able to creatively express yourself using one of these languages. The second day will focus on how to perform collaboratively with your code using different platforms for live streaming and co-performing, as well as help you work towards coming up with a compositional strategy for a live performance.

The second day ends with a concert livestream with a slot where you can participate: Livestream NL_CL#3: Algorave.

I wish these would be announced a bit earlier. I (and several of my friends) missed this.

Is there a forthcoming TidalCycles workshop in the near future? (@yaxu ?)

I don’t have plans for tidal workshops myself at the moment, beyond putting more work into a new batch of lessons for this pay-as-you-feel online course, which is based on prerecorded videos.

thank you, @yaxu, will check out the videos! :slight_smile: