Logo and T-shirts

In the last meetup we started the discussion of a design for a t-shirt and logo. We can print them through Timo but also there might be other options.

The last idea we had was to set-up and online env somehow where we can all live code the design :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

Yeah, I still like the idea of coding a logo-design together. We could start something on github and code it with processing/p5? We could also look into online editors such as openprocessing.org or editor.p5js.org, but those require an account, which might not be ideal.

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I was thinking vanilla JS and SVG’s … and use a JSfiddle sort of platform.
Doing it in the nl_cl account is also a good possibility, but again ppl will have to have a github account. :dizzy_face:

That is also a good idea, although I was thinking if anyone should be able to join in coding the logo, the language should be somewhat high-level/accessible as well? But also not sure if that is the case with p5.js or processing. Let’s paint it in scratch and animate it!

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I started this livecoding sketch on openprocessing.org:
Hopefully this is a good way to start for everyone!

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Thank @Timo this is a great start. I will play with it a bit too. I feel that it shouldn’t animate because it is supposed to be for a sticker or logo so we want it static. But better less talk from me and more code…


Hi all!

Thanks to Giovanni for setting up a sketch on glitch.com for us to co-livecode the NLCL logo. Here is the link: