Long samples in our music and YouTube Content ID

Hi all. Some of you may know that whenever we upload videos to YouTube, it automatically runs its Content ID matching algorithm against the audio and video content. It will find instances of sample use that are significantly long enough to trigger a copyright violation. YouTube will not remove the video, but will mark it as ineligible for monetization. I don’t think we as a community will ever monetize our video content on Eulerroom, but the problem extends from there.

When there’s a Content ID match, it’s my understanding that the copyright holder can gather money from the video without consent of the video author. We are also unable to change the license to a Creative Commons license.

When archiving all of our marathon performances I set the license to Creative Commons for all of our videos. Nothing stops me from doing this on the videos uploaded to archive.org, but it does stand out on the YouTube channel if someone is looking closely.

For the New Moon Marathon back in August we had 4 performances flagged. We should be able to contest the Content ID flags as we have a long history of not monetizing our content. I’m not sure if that will trigger anything more than a cursory look or if it’s mostly an automated process.

I mainly wanted to start a discussion here about the use of long samples that would be considered past the point of “fair use” and the possible ramifications.