Looking for workshop host in Germany (Female/non-binary)


I’m new here, but have been active on scsynth.org for quite a while - I’m into live coding with SuperCollider.

In Weimar, Germany, where I live, there is a quite active feminist techno collective. I was talking to them about getting someone to host some workshops on live coding, probably Tidal since that seems like the easiest way to get started (I love SC but I wouldn’t wish the learning curve on my worst enemy). Exactly how this would look would be something to be discussed, but we’d find a way to make sure that whoever comes is paid fairly - I’m kinda imagining two workshops (one female/non-binary, one open) and a performance or something similar.

If people in Berlin/Leipzig/Cologne/wherever are very very good at using Tidal and would be interested in this opportunity, please contact me!

EDIT: I really only know SuperCollider and Tidal. If anyone is super fit in another language/environment eg ixilang I am open to hearing from you!



Hello, Jordan! I am based in Berlin and would gladly give a workshop on TidaCycles! Please PM me or get in touch with me on Instagram @tiemposdelruido !!


It would be wonderful!!

All the best,