Make instruments responsive

The code I want to write needs to respond on wi-fi frequency in the near. I’m fairly new in Foxdot but have some basic knowledge about Python.

I know how to make a document which registers wi-fi frequencies and connect this to variables. So if there is a way that Foxdot can scan this document over time and update the variables in the instruments it would be a possibility.

For example
a = 78 (scanned from the document
b1 >> bass(a, dur=4, pan=(-1,1))

Is there a way to make this work. Maybe a easier way then I suggest?

maybe you can try this : = var(funtion_scan_document(), 4)
b1 >> bass(, dur=4, pan=(-1,1))

you can also watch videos of Sneha Belkhale, where she synthesizes wifi networks in foxdot.

Thank you very much, I’m gonna check this!

Sorry for the late reaction.