MIDI notes issue

Hi! I’ve been working with FoxDot for several months and have seen in documentation and in my own experience that there is a problem sending midi notes to external devices:

Be careful when repeating the same note with the same duration; if a MIDI note-on event is triggered slightly before the MIDI note-off for the previous event, it will be stopped by the note-off. This is a known bug and being looked into.

Some has found a way to avoid this?
I’m working with REAPER in windows
Thanks a lot!

Hey there. What I’ve been doing lately is setting the sus of the player object to a value just short of the dur, so that I don’t have overlap and thus squelching of poorly timed midi signals. Try something like this:

m1 >> MidiOut(P[0], dur=1, sus=(m1.dur - 0.1))

Hope this helps!

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Yes it works! thanks you very much!!

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