Midinote in tidal cycle don't work


i have try to send midi message from tidal to an external machine, but tidal send only control change midi message. Note on and off doesn’t work.
how i can issue this problem?

What code are you using? I believe ‘note’ no longer works for midi, you may need to send notes with ‘n’

By the way, how do I define sharpened and flattend semitones? In the userbase I can only find this:

d1 $ n “c4 d4 e5 g3” # s “midi”

I tried it with wirting midi-numbers but that didn’ work properly. Maybe I made some mistake.

It’s quite straightforward once you know that, for exemple, c#5 = cs5

You can also use numbers instead of note letters, do that c is 0 / 12 / 24 (as well as -12 / -24) etc…, c# is 1 / 13 / 25…


Thanks a lot nilhartman. I would prefer the first variante because its an absolute system. Its code offers better orientation.

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