Multiple Midi Outputs

Hi! I’m having trouble with my midi setup with FoxDot.
I have two different devices I need to send midi data to - a synth and and audio interface, each through a different usb port.
I tried creating two instances of FoxDot.midi in my startup.scd, like so:


But I end up with way too many MIDI channels, and the output is actually mixed and sent through a single channel. The docs didn’t help much on this specific topic.
I’d like to send separate midi data through different USB ports using the channel player parameter to choose between them. Is there any way to do it?

As far as I’m aware (given my limited understanding of midi and using it with SuperCollider) it’s probably not possible currently. Off the top of my head I guess the FoxDot quark could use an array of midi outputs and it could check the OSC message for a destination if more than one is specified?

Part of the problem is that I don’t have access to a lot of midi devices to try this stuff out so it’s hard to develop but I will try and look into it

Thanks for letting me know! That’s kind of bad news… but I do hope they get to implement this someday though

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